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Set long before the Star Wars films, the Sith Empire returns to the galaxy to begin a war with the Galactic Republic. After some brutal battles, both sides stop fighting each other, but the...

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original title: Star Wars: The Old Republic

genge: Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Sci-Fi


imdb: 8.9




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Set long before the Star Wars films, the Sith Empire returns to the galaxy to begin a war with the Galactic Republic. After some brutal battles, both sides stop fighting each other, but the peace is broken and the Empire and the Republic are soon at war again. Over three thousand years before the rise of Darth Vader, the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic emerged victorious in the Jedi Civil War against the evil Sith Empire. For hundreds of years there was peace in the galaxy and the Sith Empire were assumed to be extinct. Only for a thousand years later, they re-emerged from unknown space to reconquer their lost home world Korriban and attack the Republic and several other worlds. After several defeats by the Republic and the lost of their hold on several systems, the Empire offers a truce to the conflicts. With the lost of many of their systems, and their capital, Coruscant, also captured by the Empire, they have little choice but to agree with the Empire's terms. The Treaty of Coruscant is signed and the Republic must cede control of many of their star systems and acknowledge new boundaries of Imperial dominion. After years of conflict, the fighting finally comes to an end. But tensions are growing over the last few years and peace hangs by a thread; a return to open war may be all but inevitable. To address problems that one of the other reviewers brought up the space combat missions have been totally redone and now can rank alongside other popular flight combat games. I also find the storyline able to hold my attention as my Jedi, Sith, Smuggler, Bounty hunter, Imperial agent or Republic Commando helps tired soldiers, weeping mothers, studious doctors and many other characters further the glory of the Republic or Empire respectively. The only problem I have discovered through hours of enjoyment of this masterpiece is if I use a slower computer (quad-core or less) I have some lagging occurs but waiting for a second to allow the server to catch up fixes it almost immediately also slow internet problems can bring about this same problem. For those still skeptical this game has a free to play trial ( that allows for not one penny paid a gamer to play all the way through the game ( this does includes restrictions such as not being allowed constant constant access to PvP side games which does not affect the campaign part of the game, PvP purpose being mainly enjoyment and exp gaining). So take a look at this especially if you are any kind of a Star Wars fan like me :) This is a great game! I don't mind that the graphics are not great or the story sucks! But here is the Pros:

1. Create a character is simple! And no one looks alike here and no one has the same name! Everyone is different. 2. The plot is OK. (I am a jedi consular) at the way beginning you are about to begin your training session and the flesh raiders attack. And though you are not prepared. Your master sends you to help the people being attacked. After you get a lightsaber you go to your master that way you can go on your own as a master. When she falls ill. You go to corasaunt (sp?) and you find a cure. When you find a cure there are other masters who are becoming ill and you need to take your own ship and heal them and defeat the sith that is behind them... 3. Entertaining!!

So now the cons...

1. The romances seam lame. Like you just make out with the person and the screen goes black. Its like the romances don't fit with the game. 2. They need more servers. When I play i look at the server population. They need like 3 or 4 more because the lowest that i ever see is Heavy... Another thing that may disappoint is that you don't get the actual weapon that a true jedi holds. (A lightsaber) until you play for a while. You beat the first planet. Doing ALL side quests too. At like lvl 10. But right before you leave you get a lightsaber. The a ship. It seems like they wanted you to work too hard for something too little. A lightsaber is cool and stuff. But its not anything like i thought. It still takes a few "Whacks" to kill the people you are in a fight with. Overall its the Best MMO I have ever played.

8.6/10 Technically yes. This game is an MMORPG set 3000 years before the movies and 300 years after Knights Of The Old Republic II. So obviously there is a large gap in the KotoR storylines but Bioware hinted that some characters will make appearances.Technology in the Star Wars Universe very rarely advances. The reason for this is likely because technology is advanced as it could possibly get and has been for tens of thousands of years in the SWU. So the only things that really change are the people and the designs of droids and ships.
  • Revan appears in the game and plays a significant role in the plot.

  • Bastila Shan appears on a holocron.

  • HK-47 appears in a Flashpoint.

  • Meetra Surik, The Jedi Exile appears as a force ghost.

  • Canderous Ordo is seen in a hologram. A Mandolorian clan is named after him.

  • Carth Onasi, Mission Vao, Zaalbar, Juhani, Jolee Bindo, and Bao-Dur all appear in holograms.

  • Mical, Mira, Brianna, Visas Marr, and G0-T0 are mentioned but not seen.


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